Other products



The farm "5chinchill" offers the following products:

1.High-quality fur, European feel, different shades and in any quantity.

Remember !!! You buy fur from the manufacturer, not the middleman !!!

We guarantee the quality of our product, accurate selection of all the skins, as well as individual approach to each client.


2.Breeding chinchillas color "Standard" for breeding.

You can buy family consists of:

4 females and 1 male;

2 females and 1 male;

female + male.

All of our animals have a tribal card, which allows us to trace their pedigree and to prevent incest.


3.Chinchillas for home detention in the age of 2 months.

In 2 months the puppies become independent, they are deposited into the mother and they can become Pets in Your home.


4.Specially balanced granulated food.

The basis of the granular tissue is composed of plant origin. Among them

wheat bran, cereals, maize, soya, lane seeds, dried herbs, etc.

The number of components reaches up to 20 components.


5.Cells for polygamous breeding of chinchillas.


6.Rings for females.




8.The stone for the point of the teeth.




10.Sand for swimming.