Fur chinchillas


The combination of all of the hairs which grow from the skin of the chinchilla is its fur cover. Hairs begin to form long before the birth of animals, so as the light appears they are completely covered with thick, long hair.

The coat is characterized by many properties that define the appearance and value of fur.


Among the basic criteria include the following:

the density, height and evenness of cover, softness, color and luster, as well as structure, elasticity and fluffy hairs.

It should be noted that not every chinchilla fur worth the money.

Classification of hides is divided:

in color-light, dark and very dark (Mediym x dark xx-xxx dark-dark)

size - 39th (first category)

- 36-39 (the second category)

- 33-36 (third category)

Nowadays the fur of the chinchilla is the most expensive in the world!

This is evidenced by the prices of fur coats of this nagsasawa fur. The average price sinsinawa coats 25-30 thousand dollars, although there are models, price tags and can reach 100 thousand dollars. In the formation of prices plays an important role in the quality of the skins, their number, length and brand. So the short threads from chinchilla can be bought for 10-12 thousand dollars, and the Bolero is even cheaper.

But there is a more affordable option is to buy separate skins chinchilla and order tailoring of the product in the Studio.

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